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Purpose Statement

The FLBC is organized for the exclusive purpose of advocacy in support of, or opposition to, issues relative to ballot initiatives, education, healthcare, economic development and social welfare, as well as the promotion of the common good and general welfare of African Americans, and the various people of the State of Florida.

To accomplish this purpose, the FLBC has as its specific goals:

(1)To bring together various segments of the community in an effort to inform the public of the need for governmental action to help solve Florida's education, healthcare, economic, and social problems.

(2)To issue public statements and to give testimony before legislative bodies urging the support of or opposition of ballot initiatives as well as passage of legislation impacting the State of Florida.

(3)To solicit the support of other members of the legislature for legislative proposals initiated or supported by the FLBC.

(4)To monitor the proper administration of existing laws.

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