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Ft. Myers Hurricane Ian Town Hall and Community Visitation

Ft. Myers Hurricane Ian Relief

Supply Support, Town Hall Meeting and Community Visitation

M‚Äčembers of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus hosted a Town Hall Meeting in Ft. Myers Florida to address the needs of the  greater Ft. Myers/Lee County Communities post Hurricane Ian.  An ongoing massive amount of supplies were delivered and strategies for future support were developed. 

Senator Darryl Rouson (St. Petersburg/Tampa), Kimberly Guillory(FEMA), Congressman Byron Donalds (Naples), Mia Johnson (Miami), Representative Kevin Chambliss (Miami), Ecitrym LaMarr (Tallahassee), Representative Kamia Brown (Ocoee/Orlando), Belinda Bell (FEMA),  Nicole Tyler (FEMA), Jacquelyn McMiller (Greater Ft. Myers Community Engagement)

Sen. Darryl Rouson, Rep. Kamia Brown, Rep. Fentrice Driskell, Rep. Patricia Williams